Renshi Kyle Curry

Lead Instructor

Renshi Kyle Curry began his martial arts journey at 6 years old under Shihan Ron Robertson and Renshi Cameron Robertson then continued under the instruction of Hanshi Hei Hitotsu and Hanshi Thomas Day.  He joined the ranks of Ichiban Karate School in 2011 and has become the school's authority on combative techniques.  

In his free time, Renshi Kyle works as the Chief Instructor for Curry Combatitive Arts and trains private security personnel, loss prevention, hospital, mental health, and school staff in Personal Defense, Positional Control, and De-escalation skills development. 

Renshi Kyle is currently attending Northern Kentucky University for his Masters degree in Education

4th Dan Nintai Do Shorin Ryu Karate - Okinawan Empty Hand Combatives

  • Renshi title received 2017

3rd Dan Nin Tai Do Okinawan Weaponry

3rd Dan Ji Kai Iaido

IMSS Certification 2013

Inducted into the Brotherhood of the Bulldog (December 2014)

Campbell Military Combat Systems

  • Hand to Hand Combat Instructor Certification 2012 

  • Blade Combat Instructor Certification 2013

  • Sidearm Proficiency Certification 2014

  • Rifle Proficiency Certification 2014

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Renshi Kyle Curry - Ichiban Karate NKY

Lead Instructor